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Having graduated with a degree in Natural Science (basically biology) from the University of Bath and worked an 18month stint at a veternary lab in Horsham I have recently left home and moved to Cambridge. I currently work full time as a research technician at the University of Cambridge and I am a member of Gogs Rifle Club training at Elizabeth Way Range, Cambridge and Normans Cross Range, Peterbourgh.

I’ve now been shooting for about 12 years and I enjoy it as a sport in which you competing against yourself as well as everyone else. Its always a challenge both physically and mentally. Its at times a fustrating sport where at the end of the day it all comes down to you pulling the trigger. It could be a shot in training or the last shot of a match, but its important that i make it the best i can.  Like every athelete in any sport i have my highs and lows, however with the goal in sight and the support of those around me i will perservere untill the last shot is fired! There’s no better feeling than putting 10 after 10 strait through the middle particually when it standing!

After scoring a personal best and GB qualifying score at the Commonwealth Games last year this year is yet another exciting one! This year I have represented GB in my first World Cups and Senior Europeans with the season culminating in the European 50m Champs in just a few weeks. With less than a year to go untill the opening ceremony the olympics is just round the corner i am now putting 100% into training for the final few selection events to give myself the best chance of standing on that firing point in a years time. I believe that with my hard work and dedication sucess will come! 

Competing at this level would not be possible with out the finacial backing of the WTSF and Sports Wales, and additional assistance last year from the Old Ellesmerians was very much appreciated. Closer to home I appreciate the generous support of the Cambridge Shooting Association and Chesterton Sports Centre. Without the time and deication all the coaches, management, sports science staff  and many other people over the past 12years I would have never got as far as I have, I owe them all a BIG thankyou! and of course knowing my parents, family and friends are behind me all the way will drive me on!