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18/Apr/2011, 06:16:
Entry 142, added by Sian.

Jenny on ISSF TV!

For those of you who've not seen, Jenny was interviewed on ISSF TV during the latest World Cup in Changwon where she explained the latest equipment control rules (very diplomatically done!).

14/Apr/2011, 07:25:
Entry 141, added by Jenny.

WorldCup Korea 3

Airrifle preevent training was nice and tidy and some came my first match of the worldcup. I was on the 2nd relay at 10.45am. Feeling nervous i started of well with 99,99 however the effort of having 2 or more attempts on each shot took its toll for the end of the match as I began too loose shots. I never gave up and fought untill the end but was disapointed with her result, of 392, a few points short of the PB i was looking for.  However with 3p elimination the following day there was little time to dwell with PET the same afternon.

The air range:

Monday was 3p eliminations where 2 relays were run and a cirtain percentage go through to the qualification match tomorrow from which the final and then medals are picked. For my first 3P match for more than 6months the wind wasn't about to make it easy! The wind was tricky to say the least, leaving scores below where you would expect. While I safely qualified for the next round her score of 564 was below wherei was hoping for. However i did feel the performance was mostly good and to put it in the perspective the chinese shooter who went on to win also finished the elimination on 564!

The 50m range

The qualification was bright, early, chilly and slightly less windy! I had a roapy start on the prone with a 96 first string, a 99 pulled me back for a 195. Standing was steady at 188 a few points short of what i'm campable of. Kneeling was the position i was most worried about with only having done a small amount of training since the european airgun last month. However other than the occasional loose shot, a few helped on by the wind I scored a reasnable 191. My final score of 574 put 1 point on my PB. For a result where she felt there were several areas to pick up points she was satisfied with the score and the result after only 3wks 3p training. I finished 24th place (or =19th score) out of about 70 who started the comp yesterday, a result which has proved to myself i can compete at the top!

Finals range - next time this is where i want to be! (no, its not snow, its blossom!)

The longest day ever!!!!
Leaving the hotel at 4am! (thats 9pm uk time!) I finally arrived back in cambridge at 10pm after a very long 24hrs of travelling! I enjoyed my first world cup and with Fort Benning World Cup in just under 4weeks i'll be taking away the positves and also several areas to work on to so that i can build on my performances this week.

08/Apr/2011, 13:42:
Entry 140, added by Jenny.

WorldCup Korea 2

After a lazy couple of days exploring Changwon and watching DVDs (i'm trying to resist temptation to go shoping with no baggage space!) I at last  got to see my rifles today :) Having not seen them since Seuol it was a relief to see everything had arrived in one piece!

The range is an excellent facility on the edge of the mountains to the north of the city, It was mostly sunny today and comftable at about 18C once the morning chill had warn off!, wind was pretty light on the range which was a relief after the strong winds over the last few days. Photos of the range will follow... Today was free training although time on the range was limited with only 45min for airrifle and 1hr for 3p! Airrifle was steady with some good solid 10s. Prone and kneeling both finished off well despite a glitch with my adjustable forsight breaking. 

We then went to the competition opening ceremony which had a free buffet dinner :D and drummers and break dancers for entertainment! There are 58 countries and 700 competitiors here for the world cup!

Tomorrow is airrifle pre event training, i'm on the second relay late afternoon.

And now for some pics from out and about in Changwon...

Yongji Park, Changwon

And finally a local pet shop... how much is that doggy in the window?!

05/Apr/2011, 13:23:
Entry 139, added by Jenny.

WorldCup Korea 1

And a lazy 1st in Korea draws to an end! i have just about managed to stay awake all day!

Leaving home 2pm on sunday night i arrived at the hotel yesterday. After getting droped of at heathrow (thanks Sheree! :) ) Checkin went smoothly, although they weighed everything! At £26 a kg for excess it was a good job i made sure i was under! Hand washing will be needed though as i could only pack the clothes that i could fit as hand luggage! it was then a long 24hrs traveling involving a 11hour flight to Seuol, a 6hour stopover, a 1hour hop to Busan and then a 45min drive to Changwon! zzzzzzzzzzz I arrived at the hotel 11pm last night! 

The hotel is nice and my first impressions of Changwon is everything is very clean and ordered compared to my last trip to Asia - Delhi! Changwon is a new city built 30years a go as an emergency capital city should Seoul be invaded. Most of the city is made up of 10-15story ugly square toweblocks, howeverin the centre these are covered in bright signs and neon lights! The language makes it very confusing as you can't even guess what signs mean! And now some pics...

Fish anyone?

Standard  hotel room!

Although you don't normally find a smoke mask and emergency fire rescue thing foor winching out of windows in bottom draw!

And an electronic loo!

Dinner tonight was a tradtion korean meal of bbq chicken and chips :) The rest of the team arrive from Sydney tonight, but for now sleeeeeeeepy time! nitenite!x