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05/Jan/2022, 14:40:
Entry 156, added by Administrator.
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05/Jan/2022, 14:39:
Entry 155, added by Administrator.

<a href="" title="Adp Pano ?malat?">Adp Pano ?malat?</a>
<a href="" title="ankara rehberi">ankara rehberi</a><a href="" title="kitap okuma">kitap okuma</a>

11/Jul/2014, 12:31:
Entry 154, added by Jenny.
Jenny starts Glasgow 2014 blog

keep track of what Jenny's upto via her blog as she heads to Scotland for the Commonwealth Games

11/Jul/2014, 12:30:
Entry 153, added by Jenny.
Jenny and Sian on the BBC

11/Jul/2014, 12:27:
Entry 152, added by Jenny.
Jenny and Sian selected for Commonwealth Games

Both Jenny and Sian have been selected for Team Wales at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The shooting will take place at Barry Buddon near Dundee.

Full team can be seen here

11/Jul/2014, 12:25:
Entry 151, added by Jenny.
Sian on twitter

Follow @s1an400 on twitter to see what Sians upto

25/Jan/2012, 09:05:
Entry 150, added by Jenny.
Jenny selected for European Airgun Champs

Jenny has been selected along with Jen McIntosh and Sheree Cox for the European Airgun Champs to be held in Finland in Febuary. This is the last chance to win a Olympic quota place for London.

Prior to the Europeans Jenny will compete for GB at the Munich Airgun International at the end of January, and then travel on to The Hague where along with Sian she will represent Wales in Intershoot.

07/Jan/2012, 21:00:
Entry 149, added by Jenny.
Jenny on Twitter

Follow Jenny on twitter as she shoots for GB and Wales and targets qualification for the 2012 London Olympics @jenny4hundred

07/Dec/2011, 20:48:
Entry 148, added by Jenny.
Jenny takes title at Surrey with Sian finishing 2nd

Held at Bisley over the last weekend Sian recovering from her injury showed huge progress with 2 scores of 391. Jenny also scoreing 391 entered the final tied with Sian and Larrissa Sykes of Cambridge. In a nail biting final going down to the last shot Jenny finished won with a final shot score of 10.7 and Sian finishing 2nd.

10/Oct/2011, 20:35:
Entry 147, added by Jenny.
Welsh Airgun Open 2011

Held at Sports Wales National Centre over the first weekend in October the Welsh Airgun Open was again a huge sucsess with entries being filled more than month before the event.

It was a mixed weekend for Jenny, after poor first match she came back with a 396 in her 2nd which is a GB qualifying score. Unfortunatly the open and closed championship was done on the 1st match, so dispite a strong final Jenny finished 3rd overall and 2nd in the closed championship. Sian, dispite struggerling with a heel injury finished 3rd in the Welsh closed championship.

06/Oct/2011, 21:44:
Entry 146, added by Jenny.
Jenny and Sian take gold in airrifle pairs at CSFed

This years Commonwealth Championships (european division) were hosted by England at Bisley

Jenny had a hectic weekend representing Wales in 3 different disciplines, competing in 6 matches and 2 finals over the 3 days. Sian represented Wales in the 3p indervidual and airrifle pairs and indervidual events.

In the pairs events Jenny took gold in 3p and silver in prone for which she was partnerd with Helens Warnes. She then teamed up with Sian for the airrifle which they took gold comftably beating Englands pairing.

In the indervidual events Jenny took silver prone and airrifle and narrowly beat Sian to 4th takeing the bronze in the 3p match.

26/Jul/2011, 12:37:
Entry 145, added by Jenny.
European Championships 2011

Following on from her personal best in the 3p match in Munich Jenny has been selected as part of the Great Britain team compete in the prone and 3p events at this summers European Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

Travel out: Sat 31st July
Prone match: Wed 3rd July
3p match: Fri 5th July
Return: Sat 6th July

Competition website:

26/Jul/2011, 12:23:
Entry 144, added by Jenny.
Jenny takes gold and silver in a cold windy Aberdeen

Jenny and and Sian travelled up Aberdeen for this years Scottish 50m championships over the weekend.

On a cold windy range Jenny managed to get to grips with the conditions scoring 591 and defending her prone title with a comftable 9point lead over 2nd place. Sian narrowly missed out on bronze on inner 10s.

In the 3p on sunday Jenny finished in 2nd place with a score of 570, beaten by Scotlands Jen McIntosh while Sian finished in 5th.

15/Jun/2011, 12:26:
Entry 143, added by Jenny.
Jenny off to Munich for final world cup of 2011

Jenny is competing as part of the british team out in Munich this week. She will compete in the airrilfe and in the 3p MQS.

Travel: Wed 15th June
Airrifle qualification: Sat 19th June
3P MQS: Mon 21st June
Return: Tue 22nd June

Results: or

15/Jun/2011, 12:20:
Entry 142, added by Jenny.
Wales take team titles at the British!
team wales!

Wales' team of Jenny, Sian and Helen Warnes won both the ladies prone and 3 position teams at the British 50m Champs in Bisley over the weekend beating opposition from England and Scotland.

Indervidually Jenny finished up 2nd in the 3p with a score of 574, Scotlands Jen McIntosh comftably took gold with a new British record. Sian was not far behind finishing 5th in the final.

Photo: Donald McIntosh

09/May/2011, 12:36:
Entry 141, added by Jenny.
Jenny travels to the USA for her 2nd World Cup!
US world cup

The 3rd world cup of the year (Jenny's 2nd)is being held in Fort Benning, Georgia and is another key match with 2012 fast approaching!

Tue 10th May: travel out

Mon 16th May: 9am or 11:45am: 3P ELIMIINATION
Tue 17th May: 9am: 3P QUALIFICATION: 12:30pm FINAL

Fri 20th May: 9am or 10:45am: AIRRIFLE QUALIFICATION: 1.15pm FINAL

Sat/Sun 21st/22nd May: Travel home

Live results can be found: or

09/May/2011, 12:30:
Entry 140, added by Jenny.
Jenny wins airrifle as Sian takes silver in 3p at a windy English open!

The conditions for the 3p and prone could only really described as a joke! It was a case of laugth or cry, needless to say it was the same for everyone and the ones who persevered to the end would come out top! Sian enter the final in 1st place but again the wind took its toll as she dropped down to silver, Jenny narrowly missed out on bronze finishing in 4th place.

In the airrifle a solid shoot of 394 (with 5 9.9s!) saw Jenny comftably to victory boding well for the next world cup in 2 weeks.

18/Apr/2011, 21:48:
Entry 139, added by Sian.
steady start to 3p season for Sian

Sian started her 3p season yesteday at the British Free Rifle Club (BFRC) Open at Bisley scoring 562 but the shoot showed a lot of potential and although she was 11 points behind Sheree Cox's winning score of 573, there is definitely potential there for the rest of the season!

Sian and Jenny will both shoot at Bisley again at the ESSU (English) Open in 2 weeks time.

18/Apr/2011, 06:20:
Entry 138, added by Jenny.
Jenny wins local shoot with two PBs and welsh records

Just a few days after returning home from Korea Jenny was competing at her local range in the Cambridge 177 open. Scores of 397 (594 for 60shot) saw Jenny comftably to victory increasing her PB and her own welsh records.

(photo Don McIntosh, British airgun 2011)

12/Apr/2011, 14:17:
Entry 137, added by Jenny.
24th in 3p brings Jennys 1st WorldCup to an end
arrrifle range entrance 50m range

In the airrfle Jenny was disapointed with her result, of 392, a few points short of the PB she was aiming for. After a good start of 99,99 the pressure of the competition and fatigue of trying so hard took its toll for the last 20shots.

However with 3p elimination the following day there was little time to dwell, and the wind cirtainly wasn't about to make it easy! The wind was tricky to say the least leaving scores below where you would expect. While Jenny safely qualified for the next round her result of 564 was below where she would have expected. But to put it in the perspective the chinese shooter who went on to win also finished the elimination on 564!

The qualification was bright, early, chilly and slightly less windy! Jenny scored a PB of 574. For a result where she felt there were several areas to pick up points she was satisfied with the score after only 3wks 3p training having concentrated on air over the winter. She finished 24th place (or =19th score).

As Jennys first world cup draws to an end she would like to thank Wales for their financial support getting her to Korea, and Don Mac (Coach) and Sue (physio) for their assistance! Jenny now looks forward to the next World Cup in Fort Benning, USA in May where she hopes she can build on what she has learn't.

(photos: Donald McIntosh)

05/Apr/2011, 14:06:
Entry 136, added by Jenny.
Jenny representing GB at Korea World Cup

Jenny is competing as part of the British Tean in Changwon, South Korea in the second world cup of the year.

5 Apr: BLOG UPDATED: Korea Worldcup1
8 Apr: BLOG UPTADTED: Korea Worldcup2
14 Apr: BLOG UPDATED: Korea Worldcup3

29/Mar/2011, 12:30:
Entry 135, added by Jenny.
Jenny makes the local papers as she prepares for her first world cup

Article in Cambridge first:

Article in Cambridge news:

On sunday evening Jenny is due to fly out for Korea for her first world cup, stay tuned for updates on the blog!

Sun 10th Apr: 9am or 10.45am: AIRRIFLE QUALIFICATION; 1.45pm final
Mon 11th Apr: 12pm or 3.45pm: 3P ELIMINATION
Tue 12th Apr: 3P QUALIFICATION; 1pm final

Korea is 8hrs ahead of UK.

Results can be found:

24/Mar/2011, 20:28:
Entry 134, added by Sian.
Sian takes title in Scotland!
ladies final (courtesy Bruce McIntosh)

Sian returned from competing in the scottish air rifle champs at the weekend with 2 gold medals.

Sian was the equal best scorer out of the aggregate of the first 2 matches, but finished ahead of James Paterson and Emma Cole-Hamilton (both from Scotland) on the countback tiebreaking rule.

Sian's score on sunday however was significantly better and she won the lady's air rifle champs by a comfortable 3 points from Emma.

In the first home countries event to be held for a few years in Scotland, Wales were narrowly beaten by Scotland by just 2 points! close!

10/Mar/2011, 22:22:
Entry 133, added by Jenny.
European Airgun 2011

Jenny travelled to Bracia in Italy for her 1st senior europeans. While being disapointed with her performance of 391, a drop from her recent training scores, gaining expericence of competing on the big stage is the best way to learn to cope with the additional presure it brings.

Jenny now has 4weeks before she travels to Korea for the World Cup where she will be doing 3p in addition to airrifle.

21/Feb/2011, 20:13:
Entry 132, added by Jenny.
Jenny wins British as Wales take the homecountries!
British champion! Home countries champion!

Jennys good form continues as she takes a clean up at the British Champs winning both the Championship and the open Aggregate over the weekend. Scores of 395, 394 and 395 show good progress as she works towards the European Champs in a couple of weeks! Her scores of 395 equal the Welsh record she set in Delhi last year and her 60shot score of 593 sets a new Welsh 60shot record.

Sian showed real progress finishing just short of a medal in 4th in the british championships. However scoring 199 in her 1st 20shots of one match shows great potential with her new rifle!

Jenny and Sian along with Mike Bamsey teamed up for the home countries team, Wales beating England by a comfable 8 points.

Croydon won by a mile In the club team with a new British record. We were joined by Ken Parr as Jenny represented Croydon for the final time having recently moved to Cambridge.

And finally Sian represented Hampshire for the first time as they won the county team.

13/Feb/2011, 15:06:
Entry 131, added by Jenny.
Intershoot (2-6 Feb)

Sian travelled by car to The Hague as part of the Welsh team. While disappointed with the scores there were positives to take including 2 final finishes as she got used to her new rifle which arrived just a couple of weeks before.

13/Feb/2011, 15:05:
Entry 130, added by Jenny.
Munich Airgun (24-29 Jan)

Jenny travelled as part of a spall GB to the Airgun International as a warmup for the Europeans. In a tougth field where even a 398 didn’t guarantee you a place in the final Jenny was disappointed with her scores of 389 and 391. There was promise shown in both matches which both finished strongly, this needs to be built in the next few weeks. Theres a lot of work to do in the 4weeks before the Europeans!

13/Feb/2011, 15:03:
Entry 129, added by Jenny.
GB selections

Following on from her personal best in Delhi Jenny has been selected to represent GB at her 1st major senior GB internationals.

Jenny will compete in airrifle at the European Airgun Champs in Italy at the beginning of March, and airrifle and 3p at the World Cup in Korea at the beginning of April.

Special thanks have to go to the WTSF and the Welsh Sports Council for their financial backing of these competitions, with the lack of GB funding these would otherwise have been on a self funded basis.

20/Oct/2010, 10:36:
Entry 127, added by Jenny.
Spectacular closing ceremony brings Delhi 2010 to a close
The end Bye Delhi! Team Wales!

And so the 2010 commonwealth games comes to an end! and what an end with a spectacular closing ceremony!

With all the doubts the weeks before the games we have to say well done Delhi! You pulled it off! Yes it was rough around the edges, but it was India and in the end they put on a great show!

We were both very disappointed with missing out on a medal but this has just made us more hungry for success in the future! So bring on Glasgow! However away from the range Delhi 2010 was an awesome experience! A chance to support the other Welsh sports, and despite the tight security we still managed to do abit of sight seeing and shopping! Jenny going by train to see the Taj!

There are so many people working behind the scenes on the Welsh team both in Delhi and at home. Chris and the team management did an outstanding job organising and ensuring our accommodation was up to standard. John and Rob practically lived at the range so they were there when we needed them. And the medical and sport science support of the docs, physios, Joy and Kath were there to ensure we got to the firing point in peak physical and mental condition. All of them we owe a huge THANKYOU!

And finally thankyou to you back at home! Mum, Dad, Peter and Christopher and all our other family and friends who have supported us! : D

14/Oct/2010, 10:38:
Entry 128, added by Jenny.


10/Oct/2010, 17:13:
Entry 126, added by Sian.
8th for Sian in air rifle individual

Sian made the final for the air rifle event today following a nervey 3 way shootoff for the final 2 places in the final and ended the final in 8th position.

After her personal best yesterday, Jenny missed out on the final today.

09/Oct/2010, 11:42:
Entry 125, added by Jenny.
4th in airrifle pairs

Jenny and Sian were pipped to bronze by 1 point by India. Jenny shot a PB of 395 while Sian had a steady score of 389.

The indervidal match is tomorrow.

07/Oct/2010, 17:04:
Entry 124, added by Sian.
Sian makes final in 3p individual

Sian finished 8th in the individual 3 position event today after an excellent prone section, she had a below par standing performance but came back to finish her kneeling with a 98 to make it into the top 8 final.

Following a mixed final, Sian remained in 8th place with Alethea Sedgman from Australia winning gold and shooters from Singapore taking silver and bronze.

Sian is looking to build on her 3p perfomances in the air rifle matches that take place on Saturday and Sunday. Sian and Jenny will compete in the pairs event on Saturday before the individual events on Sunday.

Will try to keep website posted with updates! :P

07/Oct/2010, 17:00:
Entry 123, added by Sian.
Commonwealth Games 3p pairs

quick update from Delhi, sorry for delay in getting something up!

Sian and Helen Warnes both had below par performances in the 3p pairs finishing outisde of the medals in 6th place. Singapore took Gold, with India 2nd and Scotland 3rd. Both Sian and Helen are looking forward to some training tomorrow before the individual event on Thursday.

04/Oct/2010, 05:28:
Entry 122, added by Jenny.
Let the games begin!

An excellent display by India marks the official start of the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
(see blog for more)

02/Oct/2010, 17:29:
Entry 121, added by Jenny.
Opening Ceremony tomorrow!
dragons lair!

Jenny will be parading as part of the welsh team tommorow evening (afternoon in the UK!)so have a look out on tv!

We were both interviewed by Matt Pinsent from the BBC today, they like the twin thing with pairs in the welsh team! This is likely to be shown on bbc tv monday.

Blog has been updated with pics so have a look!

20/Sep/2010, 10:53:
Entry 120, added by Jenny.
Commonwealth Games update

With only a few days of preparation and packing before travelling out to India here is a summarised timetable.

Sat 25th Sept: Sian departs 10pm Heathrow
Tue 28th Sept: Jenny Departs 10pm Heathrow


Tue 5th Oct: 12:30 3p pairs (Sian)
Thu 7th Oct: 09:00 3p individual, 13:00 final (Sian)
(Jenny is reserve for the ladies 3p and prone)

Sat 9th Oct: 09:00 Airrifle Pairs (Jenny+Sian)
Sun 10th Oct: 09:00 Airrifle Individual, 12:00 final (Jenny+Sian)


Fri 15th Oct: Travel home

NB. India is 4.5hours a head of the UK.

Live results + finals will be available here:

Official results and information about the games:

BBC will be covering the games.

You can follow Team Wales here:
Or via their facebook page

We will hopefully be updating our blog with what we are up to while we are away and putting a summary on the news page. Photos will be limited due to strict team and commonwealth rules. You can leave you comments on our blog by clicking the 'COMMENT' link at the bottom of each post (1st time users will need to register).

04/Aug/2010, 12:34:
Entry 119, added by Jenny.
Commonwealth Games selection annonced

Jenny and Sian have both been selected as part of a strong shooting team to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Games in Dehli this October.

With less than 2 months to go there both are really excited about being part of the Welsh team and returning to India for what we are sure will be an amazing experence.

The full press release can be read here

The welsh team can be followed via their website and on facebook

We hope to have be putting regular updates on our blog while we are away. However due to strict rules on blogging photos will be limmited :(

02/Aug/2010, 22:06:
Entry 116, added by Sian.
Sian returns to form at Basingstoke
Sian training kneeling earlier this year at Bridgend

Sian followed up a steady weekend in Scotland by equalling her personal best at the Hampshire Open 6 days later with 579, scoring her first 100 kneeling in the process!! :)

Sian was the top score by 10 points from Jenny who finished in a tie for 2nd place on 569. Jenny had struggled with difficult light conditions at her end of the range.

Next competition is the Inter regional match held at Bisley just before the start of the National Meeting in mid Aug, before the 3 position matches at the start of the National Meeting themselves.

photo: Alastair Cornish

21/Jul/2010, 12:24:
Entry 115, added by Jenny.
A golden weekend in Scotland for Jenny!

The Scottish 50m champs was held over the weekend 17/18 July in Denwood. Lacking holiday this was to be a short trip up for Jenny and Sian with Sian traveling up friday afternoon and Jenny catching the early morning flight Saturday morning ready for the prone match that afternoon.

In the prone Jenny blew away the competition and surpassed all her expectations adding 8 points on to her personal best! out of the 60shots she dropped just 3 points with a score of 597finishing on 3 100s! She won the open championship by a clear 6 points. Sian had a solid shoot of 586.

The 3p was a closer affair. Jenny had a solid shoot of 573, a point ahead of Scotlands Kay Copland while Sian was just a few points adrift with 570. Both Jenny and Sian while pleased with their progress have several areas where they felt they could have picked up ponts. Timing issues for Sian in the final meant that Jenny finished up as the comftable winner of her 2nd gold of the weekend.

We would both like to say a thankyou to the organisers for a great competition and to all the people who gave us lifts from the airport/hotel!


21/Jul/2010, 11:26:
Entry 114, added by Jenny.
Blown away at the british
British champs

The British 50m was held in Bisley over the weekend 12/13 June. After a steady shoot in tricky conditions for the prone Jenny and Sian failed to impress in their main 3p event with performances well below par. Jenny entered the final in 6th and after a good 10shots she clawed her way up to 4th, 0.5 ponts of the bronze medal. Sian finished out of the top8.

21/Jul/2010, 11:14:
Entry 113, added by Jenny.

Showing progress from the week before both of have a lot to take away from our 2weeks in Europe with plenty to work on in the run up to the Com Games in October.

Full results can be found here

02/May/2010, 16:38:
Entry 112, added by Sian.
Finished in Hannover

Finished in Hannover today, Sian had an up and down 3 position match today scoring more 10s standing than prone (!!) and one good string kneeling. Jenny didn't fare so well and both the girls will be spending some time training tomorrow before heading to Pilsen on Tuesday.

01/May/2010, 12:15:
Entry 111, added by Sian.
Update from Hannover!
Jenny with her new shiny airrifle! Sian after prone team meeting!

Hello!! managed to borrow somebody's internet for a bit (thanks Nic!!) so quick update...!

Got to Hannover fine on Monday and had few days training after arriving. Hotel is good, and everything is very similiar to last time we were here (have had British squad winter training here in past so we know the local area fairly well...)!

air rifle match for ladies was yesterday and for Sian was nearly there (couldn't quite keep pace with the 2 German ladies either side of me who had 400 and 398) lots of 9.9s (6 total). possibly not helped by the match being at 8am so not very awake either... 389 total so 5 points below my best of 394. Jenny didn't fare so well either but she is still getting used to her new rifle.

Have prone match this evening (!!) 3.55 for Jenny and 5.35 for Sian so hopefully won't be getting to murky by the time we finish! 3p match is tomorrow then we have a day's training in Hannover on Monday before getting bus to Pilsen in Czech Rep on Tuesday. As far as I remember there's free internet in the hotel there so might be able to update a bit more regularly....!

Photos Rob Riddett

22/Apr/2010, 10:02:
Entry 110, added by Jenny.
Off to Europe for spring internationals! (26 Apr - 10 May)

Jenny and Sian are both travelling to Germany and then to the Czech Rep for two seperate internationals as part of the Welsh team.

Flying out 26th of April (hopefully!) to Hannover, Germany they will be competing in the popular ISCH international. From there they will then go on the Pilsen, Czech Rep. for the 41st Grand Prix Liberation.

Our match timetable is:

Fri 30th Apr Airifle
Sat 1st May Prone
Sun 2nd May 3p

Fri 7th May Airrifle
Sat 8th May Prone
Sun 9th May 3p

Results can be found by following the links.

With excess baggage issues we are not planning to take our laptops (need the clothes space!) so it is unlikely we will be updating our website untill we return. Sorry!

22/Mar/2010, 19:18:
Entry 109, added by Sian.
Scottish air

I've just spent the last weekend in Edinburgh getting some solid match practice in after below-par air performances in Delhi. Solid weekend's shooting, won the aggregate with on Saturday and equal seasons best on Sunday, though annoyed it wasn't better as first 30 shots were really good!! really close final after but Jen Mac pipped me in the final so had to settle for 2nd, but will see if I can make it back next year to level the score!! Air rifle's definetly showing lots of potential though just got to get 40 good shots and a final in a row now...!

04/Mar/2010, 19:11:
Entry 108, added by Sian.
Visit to the Taj!!

Whilst Jenny was still recovering from her Delhi belly Sian went on a trek down south to visit the Taj Mahal with some other members of the Welsh team.

It was an amazing experience when we get there, and the journey itself was interesting too, though did take more than 5 hours each way! And we had to sign our life away before we left saying yes we knew the pillows we borroed were hotel property and we would bring them back lol!!

The Taj itself is amazing, incredible that it's so old and the love story behind it ;) the work that went into it must have been tremendous! If anyone ever gets the opportunity to go and visit, you have to go!

03/Mar/2010, 12:24:
Entry 107, added by Jenny.
Team sucess as Wales finish 3rd in overall medal table!
medalists (apart from Sian who had gone to the Taj!)

A very sucessful championship for Wales placed them 3rd in the overall medal table, behind hosts India and England! In the indervidual medal table Wales finshed 2nd beating teams including England, Australia and Scotland.

The teams medals were spread across all 3 disciplines, rifle shotgun and pistol. Lets hope as a team we can learn from what was a very valuable trip and carry our sucesses forward to the Games in October!

See blog for full report...

03/Mar/2010, 12:19:
Entry 106, added by Jenny.
Illness continues to plague Jenny in prone but Wales bring home the medals!

Jenny continued to suffer from Delhi beli with a poor performance in the prone badge she was then forced to withdraw from the indervidual event due to illness.

However there was Welsh sucess in the event as Jo Brekke and Helen Warnes won bronze in the pairs, and Jo took the gold in the indervidual!

03/Mar/2010, 12:11:
Entry 105, added by Jenny.
Jenny climbs to 4th ind in airrifle dispite illness
delhi beli!

Rapid firing a score 391 finishing the match in 30min! put Jenny in the final in 6th despite being hit by 'Delhi beli' that morning. A final of 100.9 with 8 good 10s, and 2 poor shots moved her up to 4th.

03/Mar/2010, 12:08:
Entry 104, added by Jenny.
So close yet so far in the airrifle pairs

In the pairs event Sian had a steady shoot of 391 which with her partners Rhians score of 385 left them 4points adrift of bronze in 4th place. Jenny competing in just the badge match was disapointed with her score of 387.

03/Mar/2010, 12:02:
Entry 103, added by Jenny.
Disapointment in 3p indervidual

In the discipline where we were so close to a gold in the pairs event we disapointed by our below par performances in the indervidual of 563 for Jenny and 562 for Sian which left us out of the final in 9th and 10th place.

20/Feb/2010, 04:03:
Entry 102, added by Jenny.
Pipped to Gold but cling on to Silver in the 3p pairs!

In the tightest pairs competition I’ve ever seen we were piped to Gold literally on the last shot that went down the range! Scotland’s pair of Kay and Jen took the gold by a point while we held on in the silver spot with the same score as the Indian pair who took bronze, winning on the tiebreak of having 1 more inner 10!

Jenny had a solid match scoring 570 and taking the bronze medal in the in the badge individual match, Scotland’s Jen McIntosh picked up the gold with 573. Sian finished up 7th.

08/Feb/2010, 20:33:
Entry 101, added by Jenny.
Blog and forum up and running!!!!

We now have our blog up and running where hopefully we will be adding daily updates while we're away in India.

You can leave messages via our forum or comment on the indervidual post clicking the "comment" link at the bottom the post on the blog.

You will need to register to do this (which only takes 2seconds!) You just need an email address, user name and password. After registering an email will be sent with a link to activate your account.

30/Jan/2010, 20:37:
Entry 100, added by Jenny.
Timetable for the Commonwealth Champs in India (16-28th Feb)

Not long to go now:

16th Feb: Depart from Heathrow, arrive Dehli 17th Feb

19th Feb: 3p pairs
20th Feb: 3p indervidual

23rd Feb: airrifle pairs
24th Feb: airrifle indervidual

26th Feb: prone pairs
27th Feb: prone indervidual

28th Feb: travel home

We hope to keep our site updated with news and photos while we are away!

30/Jan/2010, 20:23:
Entry 99, added by Jenny.
Airrifle on track with solid performances in Aldersley

Over the weekend 23/24 January Jenny and Sian attended the Geof Partridge memorial shoot in Wolverhampton. This was an ideal airrifle test event in the run up to the CSF in India next month .

Both of us had solid performances, scoring 2 Wales MQSs each. Jenny had a good final of 103.0, moving up from 4th to 2nd, while Sian also gained places to finish 5ft. The competiton over the weekend was tougth with the top British disabled shooters competing along side in the top class.

We took away alot from the weekend with plenty to work on in the remaining few weeks before we fly out to India. However the solid consistant scores of this weeknd give us confidence.

30/Nov/2009, 19:22:
Entry 98, added by Jenny.
Sian pipped to 1st place in tie shoot at Surrey Airgun

Both Jenny and Sian competed in the Surrey Airgun at Bisley over the 28/29th November. As a selection shoot for the English national team it is a competition that attracts a high standard of competition.

Both girls had a steady weekend with some really promising parts boding well for the new year. Entering the ladies final in 1st place Sian had just a points lead over Jenny and English shooter Sharon Lee. After the 10shot final Sharon had caught up Sian, and with a 10.0 to Sians 9.7 on the tie she took 1st place. Jenny remained in 3rd.

25/Nov/2009, 19:40:
Entry 97, added by Jenny.
Calender updated for 2010!

The calender has been updated with our 2010 competion programme. With the Commonwealth Championships in February and hopefully the Commonwealth Games in October both in Dehli it is looking like an exciting year!

22/Oct/2009, 21:16:
Entry 96, added by Jenny.
Jenny and Sian selected for Commonwealth Champs in India

Both Jenny and Sian have been selected to shoot airrifle and 3p at the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF) champs taking place in India.

This competition is takes place in Dehli from the 16-28th Febuary and is the test event for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in October.

08/Oct/2009, 18:41:
Entry 95, added by Jenny.
Croydon takes gold and Jenny shoots PB in Cardiff!

Over the weekend 3/4 October the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff played host to the Welsh Airgun Champs a month earlyer than normal.

The team of Jenny, Sian and Ken Parr from Croydon held off tougth competition in the team event to take 1st place.

After a shaky first match Jenny came back in her second match to shoot a personal best of 392/400, exceeding the minimum qualification score required for the Commonwealth Games team.

Sian had a steady first match finishing in 7th place in the final.

30/Sep/2009, 19:52:
Entry 94, added by Sian.
Sian and Jenny bring home medals from Isle of Man
Jenny shooting prone The medal haul back home! Sian shooting air rifle

Sian and Jenny had a successful weekend away bringing home 3 medals between them including 2 golds. After a very early start and a long drive up on the Thursday both arrived ready for the weekend's shooting at the Commonwealth Shooting Championships (European Division) - CSF(ED).

Sian started the competition in the pairs air rifle event on Friday morning. Sian and her pair Rhian Floyd set a new Welsh record by 11 points to win the event by some margin. Sian took 2nd behind Rhian in the individual event later in the day narrowly missing out on gold after a good final.

Despite a disapointing weekends shooting, in the 3p individual event Jenny entered the final in =1st place, and a steady final was enough to win by nearly 10 points.

Both of us had a great weekend thanks to the excellent competition organisors and volunteers at both the ranges. The cake at the range was lovely too :)

Sian and Jenny have a week off to recover, in which Sian will finally finish her degree :), before the Welsh Open in Cardiff on the 3rd and 4th of October.

16/Aug/2009, 20:35:
Entry 93, added by Sian.

Sian and Jenny have both been selected to represent Wales at the Commonwealth Shooting Champs (European Division) to be held in the Isle of Man at the end of September. Jenny is shooting in then prone and 3p events while Sian has chosen to focus solely on the air rifle.

30/Jul/2009, 18:41:
Entry 92, added by Sian.
Hampshire Open

Sian had a great performance in the 3p match at Basingstoke, having had limited training time leading up to it due to having been on placement. Sian put in by far her best score of the season top scoring on the day with 577, just below her PB of 579 set at the same competition last year. Jenny put in a solid performance scoring 568 to finish in the top 5.

13/Jul/2009, 21:00:
Entry 91, added by Jenny.
Sponser us pleeeeeeeease!!!

With the Commonwealth games just over a year away both Jenny and Sian are looking to urgently upgrade equipment.

Sian is in need of a new jacket costing over £500 while Jenny is looking to get a new barrel at a cost of £1000. This is in addition to on going costs of ammunition and competitions.

Any help you can offer would be very much appreciated. Please countact us by the email address above.

25/Jun/2009, 19:10:
Entry 90, added by Jenny.
Double gold for Jenny in France!
Team wales airrifle medal number 2!

After a disapointing weekend Jenny came back in style as she travelled to France as part of a Welsh team to compete in the 5Nations. The 5 Nations competition is a small annual international between Lorraine (region of France), Saarland (Region of Germany), Luxemburg, Belgium and Wales.

On thursday the team travelled out by coach, and on friday afternoon there was an oppertunity for training on the range.

Saturday started poorly as a under par performance in the airrifle. Jenny finished up 4th in a low standard competition she was more than capable of winning. However, recently Jennys focus in training has been on the 3p diciplines, in which she competed saturday aftternoon. After a solid 20shots prone, Jenny had what can only be described as an awsome standing finishing on 7 10s! It nearly all went wrong in the kneeling with an awful first string, but she did enougth to achieve a new personal best and to take gold comftabaly.

Sunday was prone day, an event in which Jenny has recently struggled. However a solid performance earned her a 2nd personal best and gold medal. She was closely followed by team mate Sophie who took the silver.

Then just the fun of the long coach journey home!

(Photos: Bob Riddett)

15/Jun/2009, 19:04:
Entry 89, added by Jenny.
British 50m Chanmps 2009
Leading university student, Womens 3x20

Sian continued her come back making the final in the 3p and winning a the prize for the leading university student.

Jenny had a weekend to forget, and hopes for better times in France next week as she represents Wales at the 5 Nations.

(Photo: Donald McIntosh)

25/May/2009, 19:51:
Entry 87, added by Administrator.
Upgrades completed

The upgrades have now been completed, so everything should be back online.

23/May/2009, 19:35:
Entry 86, added by Administrator.

The webserver that the Shootingforthetop website is hosted on will be undergoing upgrades for part of the afternoon/evening tomorrow (Sunday 24th), so the site will be unavailable during the upgrades and could be intermittent afterwards whilst things are checked over.

10/May/2009, 20:18:
Entry 88, added by Jenny.
Jenny takes silver and bronze at the English Open

Jenny had a sucessful mayday bankholiday weekend taking silver in the 3p and a bronze in the airrifle matches at the English Open. In the 3p Jenny was disapointed not to do better after a good first 5 strings she finished with a poor the last kneeling string. In the airrifle again Jenny showed alot of potential, dropping only 3pts in last 27shots, however her start of the match let her down.

It was good to see Sian return to action over the weekend and make the 3p final.

Both girls now turn their attention away from the range as they focus on their university work and final year exams.

02/Apr/2009, 09:00:
Entry 84, added by Jenny.
Back to school for North Wales Open!
Ellesmere College Range setup in new sportshall

Jenny returned back to Ellesmere College for the first time in 6years to compete in the North Wales Open. The airgun competition was held in a tempary range in the new sports hall which was still on planning board 6years ago! the college also provided food and accomodation bringing back memorys as Jenny revisteted her old haunts!

In the shooting, Jenny disapointedly again didn't perform to her capabilities, puting another consistant score in on the 1st day, and few points worse on sunday.

Following her match on the sunday Jenny put her trainers on and took part in a test laser biatherlon event. The senior competition consisted of 3 1km laps interspersed with 5 shots using the lazer biatherlon rifle. Jenny finished the corse in 18min haveing cleaned all the targets.

With tired legs Jenny then returned to the sports hall to shoot the final. Going in with an 8 point lead this was a comftable win for Jenny. To add to this gold Jenny had an impressive hall of 6medals: Gold in ladies and team (joined by Martyn Buttery and Gemma Kermode), silver in competiton 1 and aggegrate and bronze in competition 2.

Although scores are disapointing it was still a great weekend and a great competition, and hopefully will happen again next year!

25/Feb/2009, 10:01:
Entry 83, added by Jenny.
Bronze for Jenny at British Airgun Champs
Jenny shooting Jenny takes bronze in British champs

In her second year as a senior Jenny improved one place on last years performance. Entering the final in 4th place, a solid final saw her mover up to 3rd and get her first senior podium at this championship. Although disapointed with overall performance there was clearly potential for so much more (there always is!)! particuaally with nine 9.9s in the second match!

This is the last major competition of the airgun season, and Jenny will now be focusing her training on .22.

Although 28/29 March will see the airrifle back out of the box for the North Wales Open, as both Jenny and Sian plan to return to their old school in Ellesmere!

10/Feb/2009, 09:57:
Entry 82, added by Jenny.
Consistancy for Jenny in Holland
Team gold for wales ladies

Over the competition Jenny shot 3 matches scoreing 387, 387 and you've guessed it 387! Fustratingly consistant when always capable of more, and was disapointed not to make the final. However the welsh team of Jenny, Verity and Rhian did come away with a team gold and 2 team silvers.

03/Dec/2008, 12:25:
Entry 81, added by Jenny.
Events calander updated for 2009!

Concentrating on the final year of their degrees 2009 is going to be a quite year internationally for both Jenny and Sian.

However it is also an important year with selection for Commonwealth Games in 2010 being based on the results achieved.

03/Dec/2008, 12:22:
Entry 80, added by Jenny.
Jenny top lady at Surrey Airgun
Ladies trophy

Jenny finished 3rd overall and 1st lady with solid scores of 388 and 390 over the weekend standing her for the competitions in the new year.

03/Nov/2008, 11:50:
Entry 79, added by Jenny.
Jenny is top welsh at Welsh Airgun 2008
WelshOpen, Cardiff

Dispite not performing aswell as she wanted Jenny finished top of the table in the welsh closed competition at the weekend. Overall Jenny finished 6th in the final, loosing our on 5ft by 0.1 in a close battle with Gibraltan shooter Heloise Manasco, and was 3rd in the Ladies competition. With the help of her team mates she won the team competition.

Unfortunatly Sian was unable to compete over the weekend after a bike accident, we wish her all the best for a fast recovery and she is hoping to be competing again in the new year.

18/Aug/2008, 20:53:
Entry 78, added by Sian.
Randle and main Welsh team debuts and X class promotion :)!
century range century range2 randel medal

Both Sian and Jenny enjoyed a relaxed week shooting in often gale force wind conditions on century range with Sian shooting well enough to be selected for the GB Randle team and Jenny shooting as a reserve. The team shoots a postal match against the USA amongst others and it was a ridiculously early morning as the first shot is fired at 6 am (!!!) as there isn't any wind at this time of day!

Sian finished 7th= in class A which earned her promotion to class X for next year :):) which was a welcome bonus!! Jenny finished 30th in class A, but did equal her pb of 571 in the open 3P competition.

We also both shot in the main Welsh team for the first time and the team finished 2nd behind England, leaving Scotland trailing in 3rd place.

As 2/3rds of the Surrey Ladies team, we helped the team to a win in the county ladies team competition and helped Croydon to 3rd in the Astor team competition.

29/Jul/2008, 08:15:
Entry 76, added by Sian.
1st and 3rd at Scottish Open

Sian followed on from her personal best at Basingstoke to 1st in the 3 position competition at the recent Scottish Open in Denwood with a steady shoot of 575 followed by a final of 96.7 to record a final personal best (671.7). Jenny moved up into the bronze medal position during the final but was slightly disappointed with the match score.

21/Jul/2008, 08:11:
Entry 75, added by Sian.
High scores at Hampshire Open

Sian finally managed to break her 3 position PB that has stood since the badge match in Melbourne 2.5 years ago adding 5 points to it and finishing 2nd with 579. Mel Flowers produced a superb performance to add 16 (!!) points to her personal best winning with 581! Jenny finished 3rd.

23/Jun/2008, 08:04:
Entry 74, added by Sian.
Silver medal for Jenny in Germany / Quiet return for Sian at Hampshire Open
5nations range Germany

Jenny represented Wales at the 5 Nations competitions in Germany over the weekend and came back with a silver medal from the 3 position competition in her first year competing in the senior category.

Meanwhile Sian competed in her first outdoor competition at Basingstoke this last weekend after injury and uni course committments disrupted the early part of the year. It was a good start to the season though as Sian equalled her PB to win the 3 position event from a small field with 574.

15/May/2008, 19:26:
Entry 77, added by Jenny.
Jenny scores PB in Hannover
Making daisy chains in hannover!

On the first day of competion dispite below par performances from Jenny and her team mates they were lucky to pick up a team bronze medal airrifle.

Following on from a very poor score in the prone event on day two Jenny pulled her self together on the third day in the 3p event setting good foundations for the match with a score of 199 out of 200. Following this with reasnable standing and dispite struggerling in the kneeling she finished with a solid score of 571, adding 2 points on to her personal best with.

Following on from her match Jenny and her team mates had the rare oppertunity of an afternoon off. Making the most of the sunny weather and the lovely surroundings they hired bikes from the hotel and enjoyed the chance to unwind before travelling home the following day!

28/Feb/2008, 11:04:
Entry 73, added by Jenny.
Jenny selected for ISAS in Germany
Rhinos in Dortmund

Jenny has been selected as part of the large Great Britain team attending the match in Germany. The competition is the first .22 competition of the season running from 10th to 16th March, and is run on an indoor 50m range

In addition Jenny plans to attend the Easter shooting festival in the Isle of Man which runs over the easter weekend.

Sian was unavailable for selection due to course commitments.

28/Feb/2008, 10:59:
Entry 72, added by Jenny.
disapointment at British airgun champs

Due to injury sian was unable to compete this year. In her first year as a senior Jenny had some disapointing results finishing 4th in the final. Over the weekend the matches consistant, but fustratingly not at the standard needed with 384, 385 and 385. It was some consolation to win the universitys champs which runs concurrent with the championship.

13/Jan/2008, 19:29:
Entry 71, added by Sian.
Pilsen Grand Prix

Just got back off the plane from this competition! Sian had some fairly good results with an equal personal best score of 394 in the first match for her first top 20 finish (19th) as a senior and 392 in the 2nd match. Full results are available at

02/Jan/2008, 08:56:
Entry 70, added by Sian.
Grand Prix of Pilsen - team selection

Sian and Jenny are both competing in this competition, in the seniors rather than the juniors this time! There are 2 matches on the 11th and the 12th January and results should be available online at

27/Nov/2007, 09:45:
Entry 69, added by Sian.
Sian wins ladies at Surrey Open 2007

Sian and Jenny both shot this competition at Bisley last weekend. Saturday's match was kind of average for both Sian (389) and Jenny (388) and so the scores were quite tight going into Sunday afternoon's final with Sheree Cox (389) and Mel Flowers (387) also around the same scores! Sian came from behind on the last shot in the end to pip Sheree by 0.5 points with Jenny not far behind. Sian also had a really good shoot on Sunday morning with a 60 shot personal best and new Welsh record of 592 and a 40 shot score of 393. Jenny recorded another score of 388 in the 2nd match.

11/Nov/2007, 21:32:
Entry 68, added by Sian.
Welsh Open 2007 confirmed results

Confirmed results as in previous post with Sian winning the ladies and the confined competitions and Croydon's club team of 3 finishing 2nd by 1 point in the team event!! Results are available at

04/Nov/2007, 09:01:
Entry 66, added by Sian.
Welsh open 2007

A bit of a mixed bag of results for Jenny this weekend but she finished on a personal best of 391 in Sunday's match, and as part of a club team of 3 from Croydon together with Sian and Ken Parr came very close to defending the team title we've won the last 2 years. We had to leave early on Sunday to get to Stansted to leave for training camp in Hanover, and ended up spending an exciting afternoon stuck in traffic on the M4 and M25!! Couldn't stay for final or for final results but Sian was leading the ladies with 391 and the Welsh confined championships when we left and the score of 586 from Sunday's match sets a new Welsh Ladies senior and junior 60 shot record. Confirmed results to follow...

17/Aug/2007, 11:38:
Entry 61, added by Jenny.
Final intalment of pics from Bangkok

My bag arrived the day after me yay!!!

final instalment of pics:

15/Aug/2007, 11:02:
Entry 60, added by Jenny.
Back from Bangkok
Our Thai friends Rachel with her silver

I'm now back from Bangkok - and enjoying the cold weather!!

The last day was a busy one, with the prone guys on at 8:30am, and we had our prone match at 12. I struggled again with the prone position, despite it feeling fairly solid. As a team we were disapointed again not to make the medals which we were more than capable of.

Rachel however won silver in the double trap!!! yay!!! Nice 1!

Leaving the range at 6:45 after the medals, and then an hour bus journey back to the village, we had 2min to change, shower and finishing packing, before getting a bus at 8, to go back to the range to pick up our rifles, to get to the airport for our 1am flight!

Although dissapointed with my results, it was a great trip.

More photos will follow when my bag arrives which has the cable in it (hopefully today!) as emmirates impressivly managed to leave 3 bags (1 of them myne) in Dubai, dispite having a 5hr stop over!

12/Aug/2007, 13:21:
Entry 59, added by Jenny.
2 matches down 1 to go
Sian shooting airrifle Jenny shooting prone

Been a busy couple of days with 2 8:30am matches (involves getting up at 4:30am to get 6am bus!!!)

Air rifle was yesterday. I shot 386 which started off ok and finished well just struggled in the middle. Sian and Emma both scored 385. Which put us well off the pace in what was a high standard competition.

Today in the 3p i shot a 566 which placed me 20th. I started of very poorly with a 189 prone, but then came back with a 189 standing and struggled kneeling scoring a 188. Sian scored 564 and Emma 559. As a team we came 6th and were disappointed not to be in the medals we all could have picked up points.

Weather: very hot and sticky, 50m range is like a sauna!

Prones tomorow at miday - yay lie in! and we fly home tomorrow night!


09/Aug/2007, 15:09:
Entry 58, added by Jenny.
opening ceremony and more
Golden Palace Opening ceremony GB shooting team

Hi All

Had a busy day yesterday, we had an early start as 4 of us and 4 of thai attaches went to do the tourist parts of Bangkok. We got the 7:15am bus into the City and went to see the golden palace which was very pritty and gold, and the reclining budha which was huuuge. We also went on 2 tuctucs, which were great.

We got back in time to grab some lunch and to change before going to the opening ceremony. We were kept in the atherlete holding area for over 3hrs, as we were one of the first nations in and the one of the last out,however once we got into the stadium the ceremony was awesome with fireworks.

Today we're haveing a lazy day in the village, before air training tomorow. Just been swimming and eating ice cream yummm!

07/Aug/2007, 11:46:
Entry 57, added by Jenny.
Update from Bangkok
10m air range 50m range Bangkok weekend market


Umm still hot and humid.

On sunday we went to a thai market in the afternoon. and got some really nice souvernires

Monday (yesterday i think) i shot some air rifle, although i did have a worrying moment when i started off 9, 10, 10, 0, which made a big phedunk dropping low - i had scewed my air cylinder all the way in!!! oooops!! but other than that went really well finishing on a 99.

Today: shot 3p. standing was good, prone was ok, and kneeling was umm well needs some more work!

Other than the shooting village life isn't too bad, although our coach and one of the british shooters have been in quarentine for the last 24hrs with flu. But hopefully they'll be back on the range soon!

pics so far:

Opening ceremonys tomorow, i'll try and upload some more pics later!

04/Aug/2007, 11:28:
Entry 56, added by Jenny.
Arrived in bangkok
GB HQ The battle begins!

Hey all!!!!

Made it 2 bangkok almost in 1 peice! With some1's bag missing and some1 elses peli case dented!

Weather hot and humid.

Village - a univesity campus, we're in 2 bedroom flats, 2ppl 2 a room, and the bedrooms hav aircon!!! yay!!! Foods ok - rice 4 brekfast lunch and dinner!

Having a lazy day 2day, seeing physio's/doctors, sorting out accredetation (they put sians pic on my tag grrrrrrrrr). Probably guna go in 2 Bangkok 2moro. and then maybe do some training on monday depending how we are feeling.

Our matches are:
11th airrifle
12th 3p
13th prone

Will try and get some pics up soon.

27/Jul/2007, 16:08:
Entry 55, added by Jenny.
World University Games, Bangkok
WUG logo

We are departing for Bangkok on 2nd August.

The dates of out matches are:
Aug 11th: 8:30am: AIR RIFLE
Aug 12th: 8:30am: 3P
Aug 13th: 12:00: PRONE

and we are returning on 14th

Results should be available at

We will try and keep the website updated while we are away.

27/Jul/2007, 16:05:
Entry 54, added by Jenny.
Sian wins 3p at Scottish ISSF

Sian put in a strong performance to win the 3p at the scottish open last weekend, Jenny had a mixed match with very poor standing, but then recoved to put in the best score in the final.

Both feeling ready for Bangkok next week, and hoping it will be a bit warmer than Aberdeen!

27/Jul/2007, 15:59:
Entry 53, added by Jenny.
European Champs
Desert in hills around Granada GB area! complete with paddling pool.

In the heat and desert of Granada both Jenny and Sian ahad disapointing final results despite having some very good bits in the match.

However there were some other sucsesses in the team with Sharon Lee winning silver in womens prone, and Jon Hammond winning a olympic quoter place and narrowly missing out on a medal coming 4th.


04/Jul/2007, 11:27:
Entry 51, added by Sian.
European Championships and World University Games Selections

Sian and Jenny are have both been selected for these events in Granada in July and Bangkok in August so 2 hot weather comps abroad to look forward to!

27/Jun/2007, 15:55:
Entry 52, added by Jenny.
Jenny wins two silvers in Belgium
50m range

Jenny won two silvers cometing at the 5 Nations for Wales in Belgium. She was 2nd in the prone behind team mate Helen Warnes, and 2nd again in the 3p with Helen coming 3rd.


12/Jun/2007, 13:34:
Entry 50, added by Sian.
Olympic Hopes International, Pilsen
team silver womens prone womens 3p final (sian on right) zoo train

A good competition for both Sian and Jenny with Jenny setting a new personal best (569) in the 3P while Sian was one point below her personal best with 573, making the final in 7th and remaining in 7th following a mixed final.

Sian also had a season's best of 591 in the prone event to finish just outside the medals in 4th. But achieving a team silver. Team mate Kay Copland acheived silver with and awesome score of 594.


After all the shooting had finished we had a free afternoon and went to the zoo!!!


03/Jun/2007, 20:54:
Entry 49, added by Sian.
World Cup, Munich

Sian competed in the 3p and air rifle events in Munich, shooting a season's best of 568 in the 3P event but not fairing so well in the air rifle event. Both Sian and Jenny leave for the Olympic Hopes competition in Pilsen on Wednesday.

21/May/2007, 14:21:
Entry 48, added by Jenny.
PB for Jenny at Junior International in Suhl
Sunset at hotel 50m range

In Suhl, Germany Jenny had a strong performance in the 3p shooting 567 putting one point on her personal best despite a very poor second standing string.


08/May/2007, 14:19:
Entry 47, added by Jenny.
2nd place for Sian at ESSU

Sian had some solid scores as she finished 2nd in both the airrifle and the 3p events at the English Open in Bisley.

03/May/2007, 14:16:
Entry 46, added by Jenny.
Disappointment in Hannover
The range Indoor 50m / finals range

Both Jenny and Sian shot below par in what was some disapointing results in Hannover.

Both however are looking for would to the possibility of returning to Hannover for some GB winter training camps due to the excellent facilities.


17/Apr/2007, 14:31:
Entry 45, added by Jenny.
Selections made for competitions in Hannover and Suhl
Hannover Suhl

Jenny and Sian have both been selected to compete in an international in Hannover, Germany between the 24-30th April.


Jenny has also been selected to compete in the junior international in Suhl, Germany between 14-20th May. Sian was unavailable due to exams.


29/Mar/2007, 19:02:
Entry 44, added by Sian.
European Airgun Championships

Sian put in a really good performance of 393 in what is her last year competing in the junior events and this earned her 15th place in a very strong field of over 70 competitors. 398 was the top score and 395 was needed to make the final! The whole experience was really good and there are some photos courtesy of Don McIntosh at

26/Feb/2007, 19:59:
Entry 43, added by Jenny.
Jenny retains title at British Champs

Jenny equaled her personal best of 389 to go into the final 1st place 4points ahead of Sian who has been struggeling over the weekend with an injury. Although Sian manage to narrow the gap, Jenny remained on top to win the title of British Junior Women Champion in her final year as a junior.

Photo thanks to Don Mac

06/Feb/2007, 17:13:
Entry 42, added by Jenny.
European airgun team selection

Sian has been selected as part of a small team for the European 10m Airgun Championships, which are to be held between the 12th and 17th of March in Deauville, France.

team can be seen at


30/Jan/2007, 16:59:
Entry 41, added by Jenny.
Final finish for Sian in Munich

In what is a very high level competition in Munich, Germany Sian for the 3rd consectutive international added another point to her personal best scoring 394. This placed Sian in an impressive 8th place.

14/Jan/2007, 16:26:
Entry 40, added by Jenny.
British Record for Sian in Pilzen
Sian collecting her pink tea set!

Both Jenny and Sian competed in the Pilzen Grandprix airgun match in Pilzen, Czech Republic.

In the first match Sian shot a great score of 393 to put another point on her personal best, This score placed Sian in 7th going into the final, tied with fellow Brit Sheree Cox. Sian shot an awsome final of 104.8 to move from 7th to 1st beating the previous British junior record and setting a new Welsh junior and Senior record. In what was a very exciting final Sheree shot a great final moving from 6th to 4th, missing out on a medal by just 0.1!

In the second match Sian equaled her privious score again shooting 393, narrowly missing out on the final coming 9th. Jenny shot a much improved 388 in the second match.

We had a great time, and learnt alot - and even found time for some shopping and hair dyeing!(well we wern't competing untill 7pm!)

Full results can be found at:

Pictures thanks to GB Coach Don Mac:

26/Nov/2006, 21:49:
Entry 39, added by Sian.
GP Kooperativa Plzen

Sian was part of a small team selected to compete in this event, and successfully managed to carry her good form from training into the competition, scoring a new personal best of 392 in the first match. This placed her 4th going into the final and a good final saw her climb a place into 3rd. The 2nd match was of a similar standard and a score of 391 saw Sian finish 7th after the final. Overall a good competition and something to build on for the rest of the season!

30/Oct/2006, 10:16:
Entry 38, added by Sian.
Welsh Airgun Open

Welsh airgun open went reasonably well for Sian, although her results may well have been better had she not been suffering from an upset stomach all weekend! Jenny had a bit of a slow start in the first match but pulled it together towards the end and had a reasonably good 2nd match. The final held on sunday afternoon was based on the results of the first match and Sian started in 7th place with a score of 581 but had a excellent final to finsh tied for 3rd place with clubmate Ken Parr of Croydon, and Sian subsequently won the tie-shoot. Both Jenny and Sian and Ken teamed up to hold off stiff competition in defending their title in the team competition that they first won last year and Sian also collected the prize for being the highest scoring welsh competitior.

29/Aug/2006, 23:32:
Entry 24, added by Jenny.
awwww - aren't they cute!!!
awwwww - sooooooo cute!!!

I know its not shooting related but let me introduce our two new family members, because they are sooooooooo cute.
They are: Sparky on the left, and Jazzy on the right.

29/Aug/2006, 23:19:
Entry 23, added by Jenny.
National Meeting
Sian with one of her many trophys rain, rain and more rain Lake century

Early and not so bright, at 8:30am on Saturday morning we had our annual 3x40 match, which is the men’s course for the 3p. Sian had a good shoot being pipped to first by just 2 points, and winning the junior trophy. Jenny finished not far behind in 5th.
In the 3p team events Wales won the first ever home countries international, Croydon won the club team comfortably, and Surrey won the county team by nearly 350 points with a new British record.

On Sunday was the women’s 3x20 which Sian won with a score of 567, taking both the main and the junior trophy. Later that day she returned home, ready for work on Monday.

Jenny stayed to rough it for the remainder of the national meeting. Just 5minuites after Sian left the heavens opened and it rained, and rained, and rained. It rained continually for 6 hours, a once in a 100years storm as it was described (7.5inches in 4hours). The roads flooded, the ranges flooded, and the camp sites flooded. Many thanks go to the team from George Watson’s College who kindly accommodated me in their hut, as the tent was too wet.

The week is shot on paper targets on a temporary range set up on one of the large full-bore ranges. You shoot prone at 50m and 100yards. Many thanks also go to the organisers and volunteers who managed to keep the competition going despite half the range being under water.
I had good shoots, and bad shoots, but overall it was a really fun (and wet) week.

29/Aug/2006, 22:39:
Entry 22, added by Jenny.
Junior International

Results can be found:

29/Jul/2006, 22:28:
Entry 21, added by Jenny.
The 50m range The 50m range Sian!!!

Our performances in zagreb were disapointing being described as average at best with Jenny finishing 35th in the 3p eith a score of 564. Sian shot an average match of 387 in the air rifle, but faired less well in the in the 3p and prone.

However, in what was a scorcher of a competition, with temperatures reaching 38*C in the day, and 28*C at night Great Britain had their successes. In the junior men prone Matt Thomson achieved a gold individual in what was a very tense last few shots (if he had shot a 9 on the last shot he would have dropped out of the medals completly!). Teamed with Ken Parr and Richard Philips Great Britain also won the team gold, with USA in 2nd, and Germany in bronze.

All though we didn't perform as well as we wanted, we did have the oppertunity to watch and shoot along side some of the best shooters in the world, as well as the chance to watch some great finals.

Oh yes - we also had some fun with some hair gel!!!

29/Jul/2006, 19:00:
Entry 13, added by Peter.
World Championships selection

The World Championships are held every 4 years and is the biggest shooting competition in the ISSF calendar. The championship includes all the major disciplines from rifle, pistol, running target, full-bore 300m, and shot gun. All the top shooters from all over the world compete in as either seniors or juniors (U21).

This years World Champs are being hosted in Zagreb, Croatia.

The selections are as follows:

Junior Women  


50m Prone Rifle

S Corish , H Pugsley-Pearse, A Stones 

50 Three Positions 

J Corish , S Corish, A Stones 

10m Air Rifle 

S Corish , M Flowers, R Pidgely 

Our match dates are:

Tue 25 July 15:15-16:30 10m air rifle junior women relay 1
  17:00-18:15 10m air rifle junior women relay 2
Thurs 27 July 11:45-13:00 50m rifle prone junior women
Fri 28 July 09:00-11:15

50 rifle 3-position junior women

Results/information can be found at:

26/Jun/2006, 19:00:
Entry 12, added by Peter.
5 Nations – Wales bring home the medals
The medal presentation The heavens open

This year the 5 Nations were being hosted by Luxembourg with the shooting taking place just over the border in France.

On the Saturday we shot a 60x20x20. This incorporates the 60 shot prone match and the 3p match (only the first 20 shots prone count for the 3p match). Despite difficult conditions Sian finished the day with gold for the junior women’s prone and gold for the junior women’s 3p. Jenny finished 2nd in both events collecting 2 silvers.

On Sunday (25 June) Our BIRTHDAY!! We had the air rifle match. Sian had a steady shoot of 385 finishing in 4th, while Jenny (despite it not being the air rifle season) shot a personal best by 2 points finishing on 389 with yet another silver.

The matches on Sunday were followed by lunch and then the medal presentations. Some little birdie had told the organisers it was our birthday, so we then had the embarrassment of every one singing Happy Birthday while we were on the podium. Having had warm sunny weather all weekend, after the medal presentations the heavens opened – literally! There weren’t many people left to listen to the speeches!

We had a great weekend and the Welsh team were great, narrowly missing out on winning the competition by 4 points, a great achievement for a small country.

18/Jun/2006, 19:00:
Entry 11, added by Peter.
British international 50m championships
Sian with the silverware

In the prone event Sian had a top shoot scoring 592, which won by a clear 5 points.

In the 3P match the following day both of us struggled in the match Sian making the final in 6th, and Jenny in 7th. During the final Sian gained 2 places moving up to 4th.

13/Jun/2006, 19:00:

Sian and Jenny now have a blog set up on their website, see the link in the menu to the left.

29/May/2006, 19:00:
Munich World Cup

Siân was selected to represent GB at senior level for the first time in the Munich World Cup at the end of May. She shot an international best of 389 in the air rifle match but didn’t fare so well in the 3-position match.

21/May/2006, 19:00:
Hampshire Open – a wet n’ windy afternoon

Despite the weather of torrential rain and strong force winds (luckily the range is in a quarry and therefore fairly sheltered) Jenny managed 3-position shoot steady shoot finish with a score of 565, in second place, just 1 point of her PB.

01/May/2006, 19:00:

The ESSU (English) Open took place on the May bank holiday weekend and Siân and Jenny both came back with trophies.

The 3P event was held on Saturday and Siân shot well, qualifying in 2nd place for the final, while Jenny was not far behind in 4th. Siân dropped a place in the final to finish 3rd while Jenny had an outstanding final, finishing close behind Siân in 4th.

The prone event was held on Sunday and the day started well with Siân lying in equal first place following the first match having added 3 points to her previous personal best with a 594. The 2nd match was even better as Siân added another point to her personal best scoring 595 to equal the current British record (subject to clarification). The combined total for both matches secured 1st place in the Open category for the women’s event and was also higher than any total scored by the men!

Siân and Jenny shot both matches of the air rifle event on Monday and the first match went fairly well for Jenny but neither fared very well in the 2nd match, though Jenny’s combined total saw her start the final in 4th place (which allowed her the opportunity to claw back the 2 point lead the 3rd place shooter had on her) and to finish overall 3rd by just 0.2 points!

It was also an outstanding weekend for Croydon Rifle Club with Ken Parr (Junior) winning the English Prone event (2nd in the open event), coming 2nd in the 3P event and 4th in the air rifle event.

23/Apr/2006, 19:00:
British Free Rifle Club (BFRC) open
Jenny's new stock.

Jenny shot an equal PB of 566 in the 3-position match on Sunday with a stock only a week old to finish first. Siân was not far away in second also breaking in new equipment with a new jacket.

16/Mar/2006, 17:03:
Chapter four now up
Rod Laver Arena(photo:D.Phelps)

See Melbourne page for chapter four.

16/Mar/2006, 07:00:
Melbourne page continues to be updated
Melbourne by night

Melbourne page continues to be updated, chapters 2 and 3 are now up along with lots of photos. Chapter 4 expected soonish. Photos don't seem to always load when clicking on the thumbnails, but I think thats some problem with tripod rather than the website.

13/Mar/2006, 19:00:
Commonwealth Games Federation: *Badge Matches preceding the Commonwealth Games itself
50m badge match results(photo:D.Phelps) Siâns bronze badge(photo:D.Phelps)

Jenny and Siân have had both badge matches:

Ladies 10m Air Rifle. Siân got 388 and was 9th

Ladies 50m .22 Rifle 3-position (held today): Jenny got a “Personal Best”(pb) of 566. Siân got 574, and came 3rd = Bronze.

Wales has a full set of shooting badges with Jo Brekke getting the Ladies Prone Gold, and there was also a silver in shotgun.

(*Badge matches are held before the Games opens and are like the real thing in all but name – a dress rehearsal for the real thing)

06/Mar/2006, 19:00:
News from down-under
Melbourne 2006

See the Melbourne link in the menu to the left for news from Siân and Jenny at the Commonwealth games.

19/Feb/2006, 19:00:
Jenny wins at the British Champs.
Jenny on podium

In a close final Jenny came home with the silver ware after winning a close fought final in the Junior Women’s. Going in to the final, tied for first place, and just one point ahead of third, Jenny came through to win.

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