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News entry 111

01/May/2010, 12:15:
Entry 111, added by Sian.
Update from Hannover!
Jenny with her new shiny airrifle! Sian after prone team meeting!

Hello!! managed to borrow somebody's internet for a bit (thanks Nic!!) so quick update...!

Got to Hannover fine on Monday and had few days training after arriving. Hotel is good, and everything is very similiar to last time we were here (have had British squad winter training here in past so we know the local area fairly well...)!

air rifle match for ladies was yesterday and for Sian was nearly there (couldn't quite keep pace with the 2 German ladies either side of me who had 400 and 398) lots of 9.9s (6 total). possibly not helped by the match being at 8am so not very awake either... 389 total so 5 points below my best of 394. Jenny didn't fare so well either but she is still getting used to her new rifle.

Have prone match this evening (!!) 3.55 for Jenny and 5.35 for Sian so hopefully won't be getting to murky by the time we finish! 3p match is tomorrow then we have a day's training in Hannover on Monday before getting bus to Pilsen in Czech Rep on Tuesday. As far as I remember there's free internet in the hotel there so might be able to update a bit more regularly....!

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