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News entry 127

20/Oct/2010, 10:36:
Entry 127, added by Jenny.
Spectacular closing ceremony brings Delhi 2010 to a close
The end Bye Delhi! Team Wales!

And so the 2010 commonwealth games comes to an end! and what an end with a spectacular closing ceremony!

With all the doubts the weeks before the games we have to say well done Delhi! You pulled it off! Yes it was rough around the edges, but it was India and in the end they put on a great show!

We were both very disappointed with missing out on a medal but this has just made us more hungry for success in the future! So bring on Glasgow! However away from the range Delhi 2010 was an awesome experience! A chance to support the other Welsh sports, and despite the tight security we still managed to do abit of sight seeing and shopping! Jenny going by train to see the Taj!

There are so many people working behind the scenes on the Welsh team both in Delhi and at home. Chris and the team management did an outstanding job organising and ensuring our accommodation was up to standard. John and Rob practically lived at the range so they were there when we needed them. And the medical and sport science support of the docs, physios, Joy and Kath were there to ensure we got to the firing point in peak physical and mental condition. All of them we owe a huge THANKYOU!

And finally thankyou to you back at home! Mum, Dad, Peter and Christopher and all our other family and friends who have supported us! : D

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