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News entry 146

06/Oct/2011, 21:44:
Entry 146, added by Jenny.
Jenny and Sian take gold in airrifle pairs at CSFed

This years Commonwealth Championships (european division) were hosted by England at Bisley

Jenny had a hectic weekend representing Wales in 3 different disciplines, competing in 6 matches and 2 finals over the 3 days. Sian represented Wales in the 3p indervidual and airrifle pairs and indervidual events.

In the pairs events Jenny took gold in 3p and silver in prone for which she was partnerd with Helens Warnes. She then teamed up with Sian for the airrifle which they took gold comftably beating Englands pairing.

In the indervidual events Jenny took silver prone and airrifle and narrowly beat Sian to 4th takeing the bronze in the 3p match.

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