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News entry 21

29/Jul/2006, 22:28:
Entry 21, added by Jenny.
The 50m range The 50m range Sian!!!

Our performances in zagreb were disapointing being described as average at best with Jenny finishing 35th in the 3p eith a score of 564. Sian shot an average match of 387 in the air rifle, but faired less well in the in the 3p and prone.

However, in what was a scorcher of a competition, with temperatures reaching 38*C in the day, and 28*C at night Great Britain had their successes. In the junior men prone Matt Thomson achieved a gold individual in what was a very tense last few shots (if he had shot a 9 on the last shot he would have dropped out of the medals completly!). Teamed with Ken Parr and Richard Philips Great Britain also won the team gold, with USA in 2nd, and Germany in bronze.

All though we didn't perform as well as we wanted, we did have the oppertunity to watch and shoot along side some of the best shooters in the world, as well as the chance to watch some great finals.

Oh yes - we also had some fun with some hair gel!!!

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