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News entry 23

29/Aug/2006, 23:19:
Entry 23, added by Jenny.
National Meeting
Sian with one of her many trophys rain, rain and more rain Lake century

Early and not so bright, at 8:30am on Saturday morning we had our annual 3x40 match, which is the menā€™s course for the 3p. Sian had a good shoot being pipped to first by just 2 points, and winning the junior trophy. Jenny finished not far behind in 5th.
In the 3p team events Wales won the first ever home countries international, Croydon won the club team comfortably, and Surrey won the county team by nearly 350 points with a new British record.

On Sunday was the womenā€™s 3x20 which Sian won with a score of 567, taking both the main and the junior trophy. Later that day she returned home, ready for work on Monday.

Jenny stayed to rough it for the remainder of the national meeting. Just 5minuites after Sian left the heavens opened and it rained, and rained, and rained. It rained continually for 6 hours, a once in a 100years storm as it was described (7.5inches in 4hours). The roads flooded, the ranges flooded, and the camp sites flooded. Many thanks go to the team from George Watsonā€™s College who kindly accommodated me in their hut, as the tent was too wet.

The week is shot on paper targets on a temporary range set up on one of the large full-bore ranges. You shoot prone at 50m and 100yards. Many thanks also go to the organisers and volunteers who managed to keep the competition going despite half the range being under water.
I had good shoots, and bad shoots, but overall it was a really fun (and wet) week.

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