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News entry 5

13/Mar/2006, 19:00:
Commonwealth Games Federation: *Badge Matches preceding the Commonwealth Games itself
50m badge match results(photo:D.Phelps) SiĆ¢ns bronze badge(photo:D.Phelps)

Jenny and SiĆ¢n have had both badge matches:

Ladies 10m Air Rifle. SiĆ¢n got 388 and was 9th

Ladies 50m .22 Rifle 3-position (held today): Jenny got a ā€œPersonal Bestā€(pb) of 566. SiĆ¢n got 574, and came 3rd = Bronze.

Wales has a full set of shooting badges with Jo Brekke getting the Ladies Prone Gold, and there was also a silver in shotgun.

(*Badge matches are held before the Games opens and are like the real thing in all but name ā€“ a dress rehearsal for the real thing)

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