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News entry 56

04/Aug/2007, 11:28:
Entry 56, added by Jenny.
Arrived in bangkok
GB HQ The battle begins!

Hey all!!!!

Made it 2 bangkok almost in 1 peice! With some1's bag missing and some1 elses peli case dented!

Weather hot and humid.

Village - a univesity campus, we're in 2 bedroom flats, 2ppl 2 a room, and the bedrooms hav aircon!!! yay!!! Foods ok - rice 4 brekfast lunch and dinner!

Having a lazy day 2day, seeing physio's/doctors, sorting out accredetation (they put sians pic on my tag grrrrrrrrr). Probably guna go in 2 Bangkok 2moro. and then maybe do some training on monday depending how we are feeling.

Our matches are:
11th airrifle
12th 3p
13th prone

Will try and get some pics up soon.

Двери в Киеве