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News entry 57

07/Aug/2007, 11:46:
Entry 57, added by Jenny.
Update from Bangkok
10m air range 50m range Bangkok weekend market


Umm still hot and humid.

On sunday we went to a thai market in the afternoon. and got some really nice souvernires

Monday (yesterday i think) i shot some air rifle, although i did have a worrying moment when i started off 9, 10, 10, 0, which made a big phedunk dropping low - i had scewed my air cylinder all the way in!!! oooops!! but other than that went really well finishing on a 99.

Today: shot 3p. standing was good, prone was ok, and kneeling was umm well needs some more work!

Other than the shooting village life isn't too bad, although our coach and one of the british shooters have been in quarentine for the last 24hrs with flu. But hopefully they'll be back on the range soon!

pics so far:

Opening ceremonys tomorow, i'll try and upload some more pics later!

Двери в Киеве