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News entry 58

09/Aug/2007, 15:09:
Entry 58, added by Jenny.
opening ceremony and more
Golden Palace Opening ceremony GB shooting team

Hi All

Had a busy day yesterday, we had an early start as 4 of us and 4 of thai attaches went to do the tourist parts of Bangkok. We got the 7:15am bus into the City and went to see the golden palace which was very pritty and gold, and the reclining budha which was huuuge. We also went on 2 tuctucs, which were great.

We got back in time to grab some lunch and to change before going to the opening ceremony. We were kept in the atherlete holding area for over 3hrs, as we were one of the first nations in and the one of the last out,however once we got into the stadium the ceremony was awesome with fireworks.

Today we're haveing a lazy day in the village, before air training tomorow. Just been swimming and eating ice cream yummm!

Двери в Киеве