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News entry 59

12/Aug/2007, 13:21:
Entry 59, added by Jenny.
2 matches down 1 to go
Sian shooting airrifle Jenny shooting prone

Been a busy couple of days with 2 8:30am matches (involves getting up at 4:30am to get 6am bus!!!)

Air rifle was yesterday. I shot 386 which started off ok and finished well just struggled in the middle. Sian and Emma both scored 385. Which put us well off the pace in what was a high standard competition.

Today in the 3p i shot a 566 which placed me 20th. I started of very poorly with a 189 prone, but then came back with a 189 standing and struggled kneeling scoring a 188. Sian scored 564 and Emma 559. As a team we came 6th and were disappointed not to be in the medals we all could have picked up points.

Weather: very hot and sticky, 50m range is like a sauna!

Prones tomorow at miday - yay lie in! and we fly home tomorrow night!


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