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News entry 83

25/Feb/2009, 10:01:
Entry 83, added by Jenny.
Bronze for Jenny at British Airgun Champs
Jenny shooting Jenny takes bronze in British champs

In her second year as a senior Jenny improved one place on last years performance. Entering the final in 4th place, a solid final saw her mover up to 3rd and get her first senior podium at this championship. Although disapointed with overall performance there was clearly potential for so much more (there always is!)! particuaally with nine 9.9s in the second match!

This is the last major competition of the airgun season, and Jenny will now be focusing her training on .22.

Although 28/29 March will see the airrifle back out of the box for the North Wales Open, as both Jenny and Sian plan to return to their old school in Ellesmere!

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