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News entry 84

02/Apr/2009, 09:00:
Entry 84, added by Jenny.
Back to school for North Wales Open!
Ellesmere College Range setup in new sportshall

Jenny returned back to Ellesmere College for the first time in 6years to compete in the North Wales Open. The airgun competition was held in a tempary range in the new sports hall which was still on planning board 6years ago! the college also provided food and accomodation bringing back memorys as Jenny revisteted her old haunts!

In the shooting, Jenny disapointedly again didn't perform to her capabilities, puting another consistant score in on the 1st day, and few points worse on sunday.

Following her match on the sunday Jenny put her trainers on and took part in a test laser biatherlon event. The senior competition consisted of 3 1km laps interspersed with 5 shots using the lazer biatherlon rifle. Jenny finished the corse in 18min haveing cleaned all the targets.

With tired legs Jenny then returned to the sports hall to shoot the final. Going in with an 8 point lead this was a comftable win for Jenny. To add to this gold Jenny had an impressive hall of 6medals: Gold in ladies and team (joined by Martyn Buttery and Gemma Kermode), silver in competiton 1 and aggegrate and bronze in competition 2.

Although scores are disapointing it was still a great weekend and a great competition, and hopefully will happen again next year!

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